Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just tell someone, “I want to go to Costa Rica”, and they would take your statement and turn it into an unforgettable memory far beyond your wildest imagination? Done. Welcome to Green Leaf Getaways!

Green Leaf Getaways is your pathway to the vacation of your dreams, minus the headache and annoyance of planning. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Kelly Christy, CTA

My Story

Hi, I’m Kelly Christy, a former medical professional, wife to a U.S. Army veteran and proud momma of 2 rambunctious boys. I have a relentless obsession with planning, organizing, and especially researching

My loved ones have always laughed at my determination when I get hooked on something. At least until my sister realized what it could do for her travel experiences. She departed on a journey with a little giggle at my infatuation with making the trip perfect for her. She returned with an enthusiastic appreciation for what I had done and encouraged me to wield my travel planning skills in a whole new way. I spent months training, ingesting everything travel related I could get my hands on, visiting numerous destinations myself, and eventually earning the title of Certified Travel Advisor.

My Methods

I approach every client’s vision for their getaway as if I were planning my own. I’ve had a lifelong desire to help others, which is the foundation of my work. On top of that is my zest for exploring every corner of the world. I especially enjoy working with families and seeing the joy that fills kiddos’ hearts when they have the ability to experience the fun and excitement of new destinations.

With me, you can expect first-rate customer service, innovation, the best deals on the market, and results beyond your every expectation. I can’t wait to help you create the best page of your life’s photo album. Let’s do this!